What was added, modified or fixed in more detail than the basic changelog for my WP Review Slider Pro plugin.

What’s New…

Download Twitter Posts or Tweets and show them in a review template:

Twitter support has now been added to the plugin. If you look under the Get Reviews > Twitter page you’ll see a place to enter your Twitter API Keys and a way to download the tweets. Yes, it does require that you have an API Key. There are instructions to apply for one here.

Twitter page options.

Once you have your keys, you can create a new Twitter Source and easily download the tweets by clicking the Green plus icon…

Twitter download page.

Then you can easily display them in a review slider or grid…

Tweets in a slider.

Submission Form – New Pop-up Option:

Along with displaying the form by default and sliding it down from behind a button, you can now create a Pop-up submission form. There are some new options on the Form creation page.

“Show on Click”: This allows you to create a button that will either slide the form down from behind the button or display a pop-up with the form when you click it.

“Auto Pop-up”: This will make the form automatically open the Pop-up on page load.

There is also a new shortcode paramater. For example…

Then the form will only appear if the URL has the wppl variable set to yes. For example: http://mywebsite.com/?wppl=yes

This is useful for creating an auto-popup form that you only want to show certain people.

Submission Form – New Thumbs Up or Smiley Option:

Along with stars you now have the option to use Thumbs Up or a Smiley face on the form.

Floats – New Options:

There are a couple of new options for Floats. First, you can now choose to auto-hide the float after so many seconds. Second, you can hide on Desktop, Mobile, or neither. Here is a screenshot…

Misc Changes:

Added Yelp and TripAdvisor icon selection for templates.

Added Swedish time-since setting for review templates.